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The first tourist resort on Corfu and the place where mass tourism was firstly developed.


  • Achilleion Palace
  • Roman Baths
  • Marina of Benitses
  • Beaches of Benitses

About Benitses

If you are looking for a truly memorable family trip within Corfu, you could not do much better than visit Benitses. This area is easy to reach by bus since there are regular bus routes from Corfu town to Benitses.

Benitses does not only have nice beaches for swimming, but it also boasts charming coves like Koutsomaroula and a wide selection of restaurants with fresh seafood, bars, supermarkets and different shops for buying everything for comfortable living.

The picturesque locations and the beaches with the surrounding trees, offering enough
shade, are waiting to be explored.

Top things to do

Visit Achilleion Palace
Visit Roman Baths
Walk along the promenade of Benitses Marina
Discover the village on foot
Spend your summer days on the beach
Visit churches on the hillside
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