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One of the most visited places to the northeast of Corfu, Kassiopi offers numerous possibilities for things to do.


  • Picturesque Harbor
  • Byzantine Castle
  • Secluded Coves
  • Entertainment Possibilities

About Kassiopi

Kassiopi constitutes a popular destination with great tourist facilities and fantastic beaches, surrounding by Corfu’s most stunning natural environment. If you choose to visit both of the main beaches of Kassiopi, you are sure to have the nicest day, since they offer sun beds and umbrellas for rent  and water sport facilities – like snorkeling or waterskiing – for sports enthusiasts. With all those on-the-beach facilities, all of your requirements are surely catered for.

The day in Kassiopi is not complete without a night out in restaurants and bars overlooking the picturesque harbor of Kassiopi.

Top things to do

Visit Kassiopi’s Byzantine Castle
Visit the ghost-village of Old Perithia
Walking through the streets
Taste local food
Try out water sports
Swim along the coastline
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