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Kavos constitutes undoubtedly the most vibrant spot at the southernmost tip of Corfu.


  • Buzzing nightlife
  • Water sports possibilities
  • Trips to Paxos Island
  • Wide variety of nightclubs and beach bars

About Kavos

The area of Kavos has everything you could possibly want from a place offering vibrant nightlife and fun with numerous beach bars and nightclubs to endless sand and water sports possibilities.

While on the beach you are able to rent a banana boat and get a ride that will amaze you. Furthermore, there is no better place to make the most of your vacation by feeling the party rhythm. The central strip of Kavos offers lots of beach bars and nightclubs with music shows and performances by famous local or international DJs. Youngsters and the young at heart will love this place.

Top things to do

Feel the dance & party atmosphere
Enjoy relaxation on the beach
Join boat trips to Paxos Island
Visit local shops
Try out water sports
Savor the taste of delicious dishes
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