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Moraitika is a famous spot for entertainment and vibrant nightlife, located to the south of Corfu.


  • Old village of Moraitika
  • Traditional tavernas
  • A wide variety of accommodation opportunities
  • Good base for exploring South Corfu

About Moraitika

Moraitika makes an ideal location from which to explore the most stunning countryside of Corfu – the old village of Moraitika – and numerous other amazing spots to the south of Corfu. The old village of Moraitika is perfect to discover on foot, since it boats narrow alleyways and traditional houses.

Moreover, the newer village of Moraitika is a great spot for safe swimming for adults and accompanied children, since the seawaters there are shallow.

Except for the still water, Moraitika has to offer endless water sport facilities, but also numerous restaurants, bars and nightclubs, overlooking the water’s edge.

Top things to do

Explore the old village of Moraitika
Enjoy lunch or dinner in several restaurants and tavernas
Moraitika- a great base to explore South Corfu
Spend your summer days by the seaside
Try out water sports
Enjoy amazing sea views from the old village of Moraitika
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