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This area of unparalleled beauty is the best place to admire the surrounding scenery and is totally worth a visit.


  • Excellent water quality
  • Snorkeling spot
  • Magnificent surrounding scenery
  • Spectacular sea views

About Paleokastritsa

If you choose to visit Paleokastritsa you are guaranteed an unforgettable holiday experience. This remarkably beautiful area boasts fantastic beaches and natural environment, creating a scenery straight out of a painting.

Located about 25km away from Corfu’s town centre you will be amazed with the dense vegetation, full of olive groves and cypresses, the shingle and sandy beaches and the Monastery of Panayia, nestled on a hillside, which would be a fantastic way to complete your day in Paleokastritsa. Do not forget to swim in the crystalline waters or try out water sports, being available in the summer months.

Top things to do

Swim in crystalline waters
Hiring a boat or pedal boat
Visit Monastery of Panayia
Enjoy spectacular views
Visit seaside tavernas and restaurants
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